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MV Line Group: Innovation and Quality in Shading and Filtering Systems

MV Line Group is a leader in Italy in the aluminum fixtures and shading systems sector, with a strong presence in the markets for insect screens, solar shading, bioclimatic structures, shutters, and blinds. Founded in 1993, the group has evolved into an entity with seven facilities across Apulia, Basilicata, Lombardy, and Spain, employing over 600 people. Its main companies, MV Line S.p.A., MV Extrusion S.p.A., MV Living S.r.l., and MV Spagna S.L., cover a wide range of products, from aluminum extrusion and painting to solutions for solar protection and insect control. MV Line Group stands out for its constant innovation and quality, supported by a strong media presence and participation in international events. The group’s mission is to ensure the well-being and protection of its customers with reliable and cutting-edge products.

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